Hungarogreen 2023


 Dear Madame/Sir,  

The Hungarian Ornamental Horticulturist Association and The Hungarian Nurserymen Association invites You kindly to the prestigious Exhibition of Nurseries in Middle and Eastern Europe, which is held in a new place, under a new name, in Flora Hungaria Flower Market in Szigetszentmiklós, on the 5-6 th of Sept 2023 (Tuesday-Wednesday).

There will be represented nursery plants, perennials, liners, chemicals, substrates, machines and all kind of tools for nursery production

 We kindly invitate and await all experts of landscaping and parkmaintenance, wholesalers, retailers and hobbygardener on hungarogreen 2023 Nursery Exhibition.

You have with registration our Nursery Exhibition on the 5-6 the of Sept 2023 free entry.

Application form
You can register at the entrance or you can fill the registration form
 directly if arriving at the exhibition.

Please share it with your partners or, if possible, promote the event on your own website.


Best reagards

Gergely Rónai



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